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Privacy Policy

Data owner and controller

Types of Data collected Among the types of Personal Data that this Application collects, by itself or through third parties, there are: geographic position. Full details about each type of Personal Data collected are provided in the dedicated sections of this privacy policy or by specific explanatory texts displayed before Data collection. Personal Data may be freely provided by the User, or, in the case of Usage Data, collected automatically when using this Application. Unless otherwise specified, all Data requested by this Application is mandatory and failure to provide this Data may make it impossible for this Application to provide its Services. In cases where this Application specifically states that some Data is not mandatory, Users are free to stop communicating this Data without any consequences for the availability or functioning of the Service. Users who have questions regarding which Personal Data are mandatory are invited to contact the Owner. Any use of cookies – or other tracking tools – by this Application or by the owners of third-party services used by this Application will be for the purpose of providing the Services requested by the User, in addition to the other purposes described in this document and in the Cookie Policy , if available. Users are responsible for any third-party Personal Data that is obtained, published or shared through this Service (this Application) and confirm that they have the third party's authorization to provide the Data to the Owner.

Personal Data is collected for the following purposes and using the following services:

Geolocation ( This Application may collect, use and share user location data in order to provide location-based services. Most browsers and devices provide tools to opt out of this feature by default. If explicit authorization has been provided, the User's location data may be tracked by this Application. Personal Data processed: geographic position. Discontinuous geographic location (this Application) This Application may collect, use and share the User's location data in order to provide location-based services. Most browsers and devices provide tools to opt out of this feature by default. If explicit authorization has been provided, the User's location data may be tracked by this Application. The User's geographic location is determined in a manner that is not continuous, upon specific request from the User or when the User does not provide its current location in the appropriate field and allows the application to detect the position automatically. Personal Data processed: geographic position.

Mode and place of Data processing - Processing Method

The Owner will take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or unauthorized destruction of the Data. Data processing is carried out using computers and/or enabled IT tools, following organizational procedures and means strictly related to the indicated purposes. In addition to the Owner, in some cases, the Data may be accessed by certain types of persons in charge of, involved with the operation of this Service (this Application) (administration, sales, marketing, legal administration of the system) or external persons (such as third-party providers of technical services, postmen, hosting providers, IT companies, communications agencies) appointed, when necessary, as Data Processors by the Owner. An updated list of these parties can be requested from the Owner at any time. Legal basis for processing.

The Owner may process Personal Data related to the User if one of the following hypotheses applies: Users have given their consent for one or more specific purposes; Note: According to some legislations, the Owner may have permission to process Personal Data UNTIL THE User objects to this (“opt-out”), without having to rely on consent or any other legal bases below. This, however, does not apply whenever the processing of Personal Data is subject to European data protection legislation; the provision of Data is necessary to fulfill a contract with the User and/or any pre-contractual obligations thereof; processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the Owner is subject; the processing is related to a task that is carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of an official authorization in which the Owner is vested; processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the Owner or a third party; In any case, the Owner will gladly collaborate to clarify which legal basis applies to the processing, and in particular if the provision of Data is a mandatory requirement by law or contract, or a requirement necessary to conclude a contract.


The data is processed at the Owners' operating headquarters, and in any other places where the parties involved with the processing are located. Depending on the User's location, data transfers may involve the transfer of User Data to a country other than your own. To find out more about the place of processing of such transferred Data, Users can check the section containing details about the processing of Personal Data. Users also have the right to be informed about the legal basis of Data transfers to countries outside the European Union or to any international organizations governed by public international law or formed by two or more countries, such as the UN, and about the security measures taken by the Owner to protect your Data. If any such transfers occur, Users can find out more by checking the relevant sections of this document or asking the Owner using the information provided in the contact section. Conservation period.

Personal Data will be processed and stored for as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.


Personal Data collected for purposes related to the execution of a contract between the Owner and the User will be retained until such contract has been completely fulfilled. Personal Data collected for purposes related to the Owner's legitimate interests will be kept for as long as necessary to fulfill such purposes. Users may obtain specific information about the legitimate interests pursued by the Owner within the relevant sections of this document or by contacting the Owner. The Owner may be permitted to retain Personal Data for a longer period whenever the User has given his/her authorization for such processing, as long as such authorization has not been withdrawn. Furthermore, the Owner may be obliged to retain Personal Data for a longer period of time whenever required to do so to comply with a legal obligation or in compliance with a warrant from an authority.

Once the retention period expires, Personal Data will be deleted. Therefore, the right to access, the right to erase, the right to correct and the right to data portability cannot be required to be fulfilled after the expiration of the conservation period.

The Purposes of Processing

Data relating to the User is collected to enable the Owner to provide its Service, comply with its legal obligations, respond to enforcement requests, protect its rights and interests (or those of its Users or third parties), detect any malicious or fraudulent activity, as well as such as: Location-based interactions. To obtain specific information about the Personal Data used for each purpose, the User may consult the "Detailed information about the processing of Personal Data" section. Definitions and Legal References.

Personal Data (or Data)

Any information that directly, indirectly or in connection with other information – including a personal identification number – allows the identification or identifiability of a natural person.

Data Usage

The information collected automatically through this Application (or third-party services contracted in this Service (this Application)), which may include: IP addresses or domain names of computers used by Users using this Application, URI (Uniform Identifier Resource), the date and time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file received in response, the numeric code that indicates the status of the response server (positive result, error, etc.), the country of origin, the characteristics of the browser and operating system used by the User, the various time details per visit (for example, the time spent on each page within the application) and details about the path followed within the application, with special reference to the sequence of pages visited and other parameters about the User's device operating system and/or IT environment.


The person using this Application who, unless otherwise specified, coincides with the Data Subject.

Data Holder

The natural person to whom the Personal Data refers.

Data Processor (or Data supervisor)
The natural or legal person, public administration, agency or other body that processes Personal Data on behalf of the Controller as described in this privacy policy.

Data Controller (or Owner)

The natural or legal person, public administration, agency or other body that, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of processing Personal Data, including security measures relating to the operation and use of this Service (this Application). The Data Controller, unless otherwise specified, is the Owner of this Service (this Application).

This Application
The means by which the User's Personal Data is collected and processed.


The service provided by this Application as described in the relative terms (if available) and on this website/application.
European Union (or EU)
Unless otherwise specified, all references in this document to the European Union include all current member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Terms and Conditions Agreement

Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions carefully. By registering with you ARE AGREEING TO THE CONDITIONS AND TERMS of the Website. Please note that refusing these Website Terms will prevent you from using the services offered by our Website.


1.1 This TERMS applies to regulate the use of the service offered by to USERS, that is, to enable USERS to choose registered MERCHANTS and, online, to make payment requests through bank slip, pix, credit cards, TED, among others, withdrawals, transfers and other digital services online.

1.2 The service therefore consists of bringing together, through our website, USERS and registered MERCHANTS, enabling USERS to forward payments for their products and services to MERCHANTS, as well as, this being the option of USERS, receive and make online payments to MERCHANTS.

1.3 It is immediately clarified to the USER - who declares to be aware - that the service offered by relates only to online payment intermediation for Registered Merchants, not encompassing any responsibility for the delivery of products and services offered by MERCHANTS, such items are the full responsibility of the MERCHANT, to whom any complaints regarding problems arising from defects, defects or non-performance in the production and delivery of their physical or digital products and services should be directed.


2.1 The USER, to use the services described above, must have legal capacity for civil acts and must necessarily provide the information required in the REGISTRATION, assuming full responsibility (including civil and criminal) for the accuracy and veracity of the information provided in the REGISTRATION, which can be verified, at any time, by

2.1.1 In the event of incorrect, untrue or unconfirmed information, as well as in the event of refusal to correct it or send documentation proving the correction, reserves the right not to complete the registration in progress or, even , to block the existing registration, preventing the USER from using the online services until, at the discretion of, the anomaly situation is regularized. reserves the right to prevent, at its discretion, new REGISTRATIONS, or cancel those already made, in the event of an anomaly being detected that, in its analysis, is serious or demonstrates a deliberate attempt to circumvent the rules described here. , mandatory for all USERS. will also act in such a manner if it detects non-compliance, by the USER, with any obligation provided for in this AGREEMENT.

2.2 Once the REGISTRATION has been completed successfully, the USER will have access to the services through a login and password, data that he undertakes not to disclose to third parties, being his sole responsibility for any service request that is made using and email and password belonging to you.


3.1 Once the USER REGISTRATION has been successfully completed, the USER undertakes not to disclose the username and password to third parties, nor allow the use of such information by third parties, being responsible for the consequences of the use of the email and password belonging to them.

3.2 It is the USER's obligation to provide completely truthful and accurate registration information, being exclusively and fully responsible (in all legal areas) for all content provided in the REGISTRATION item, keeping the address for delivery of ordered products updated and confirmed.

3.3 The USER is also obliged to pay in full the price of the products and services requested or ordered by the MERCHANT and effectively delivered to them, whether online or in any other way, directly to the bearer of the products ordered by through this website (pix, bank slip, credit card, etc.).

3.4 USERS who are under 18 years of age are aware that they will not be able to purchase or acquire, under any circumstances, alcoholic products, being responsible for the correct information of their age in the REGISTRATION item.

3.5 The USER agrees to the use of evaluation information and feedback from the MERCHANTS and services, as described in the PRIVACY TERMS.


4.1 Provide virtual space on the website that allows the duly registered USER to make payments, transfers between users, receipts, deposits, and also make payments to Merchants online. 4.2 Protect, through storage on servers or any other high-security magnetic means, the confidentiality of all information and records relating to USERS, as well as values relating to financial operations arising from the operation of services.